Is it okay for Christians to use gay chat sites?

Homosexuality is often controversial within Christianity, although it’s becoming more accepted. If you’re gay and Christian, you may be struggling with this and wondering if it’s okay for you to use gay chat sites, such as Gay Chat IO.

What does God think of homosexuality?

Many gay people within Christian circles feel God doesn’t think they’re worthy of their relationships and that homosexuality is a sin. Other Christians believe God doesn’t have a problem with gay relationships. Some Christians think that God is perfect and all things are in his hands and there is no room for human error in that.

It’s a good question, but it’s impossible to know what God thinks. You may be comforted by the words of Jesus, “If you are looking for your soul mate, you will find it when you least expect it.”

Does God hate gay people?

No, God does not hate gay people. God loves all his children. He has a loving heart, and wants to have a relationship with all people.

So, it seems to me that if you have a problem with homosexual relationships, you got some work to do in understanding the Bible.

I’ve always believed that God would never have gay people because of the way that gay people feel about themselves, but I believe that God will use the homosexual person’s suffering in order to produce good from it. That’s why I believe God blesses the marriages of homosexual people.

Gay people who are living a homosexual life are being blessed with good relationships and with the ability to influence other people for the cause of the Lord. So, to me, it doesn’t matter if God hates gay people or if God doesn’t have a problem with them.

However, in my opinion, God doesn’t have to be involved with gay people. They have their own free will and they can choose to have a homosexual life, but God doesn’t have to be involved.

My Final Thoughts

As a Christian, I don’t see my Christian responsibility as being to prevent homosexual relationships from happening; rather, my responsibility is to be the most supportive person I can be for the people who I love. If God has a part in this life of the person, I think it would be my responsibility to encourage and bless their relationship.

There’s no one correct way to live a Christian life, and that’s what I think makes Christianity so amazing. As long as a person is being true to the ways of the Lord, I don’t think that the Lord would ever say that they were doing something wrong. I just think that we all need to take some time to learn and understand the Bible and how it works.

I believe that God can use any circumstance and any person in a way that can make a difference in someone’s life, and if that’s the way it is, that’s how I’ll treat the people in my life.

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