The Missouri Association for Creation’s Life Origins Library is the result of over 32 years of collecting literature and resources on the origins controversy.

Our Library hold hundreds of books, videos and audio tapes, slides, filmstrips, journals, magazines, and other material on science and the origins controversy.

Many of the items in our collection are rarely found in public schools or libraries. We gladly make these resources available to students, teachers, parents, pastors and others interested in discovering the abundant evidence for creation and against evolution.

How To Borrow Videotapes

While we freely make available these videotapes for borrowing, we strongly encourage regular borrowers to support our efforts by becoming a member. Membership is only $15 for 12 months and offers additional borrowing privileges and discounts on book purchases.

Mailing Videotapes

Videos are mailed only to members. You pay return postage and insurance. A limit of two videos will be lent through the mail. Allow two weeks for delivery.