5 Rules For A No Strings Attached Relationship

Being in a relationship without all of the drama and continuous mind blowing sex is almost a dream come true. All of the emotions and feelings end up sucking all of the fun out of any fling, so it’s best to leave that at the front door if you just want to have a fun rendezvous.
As easy and appealing as it sounds, it can be a little harder than you think so make sure you’re following these rules at all time.
1.No Pillow Talk:
Once you’re both laying there satisfied and content about all of the fun you both just had, refrain from spilling any personal information about yourself. It’s natural to want to talk about your plans for the rest of the day or any significant events that are happening in your life, but that is the last person you should be sharing it with.
That is why you have friends and family to get together or even call but don’t you dare start gushing about how horrid your boss is or expect any emotional support without getting a little bit invested in each other’s lives. Keep it strictly sex.
2.Be Prepared For Ghosting:
Sex is just sex for some people, and the whole point of having no strings attached is to be able to sleep around with whoever you want and whenever you want. If someone is deciding to pursue someone else or just simply doesn’t have time to be a fuck buddy, chances are they will just cut you off without an explanation.
As discouraging as that sounds, it’s the truth, and the whole point of this set up is to be able to do whatever you want when you please without being mindful of someone else’s feelings.
3. Always Use Protection:
Don’t stop using protection until you know for a fact that you’re exclusive because chances are you both are seeing other people on the side. Having no strings attached is allowing the freedom to be with multiple people at once and sexually transmitted diseases are a thing so don’t let your guard down when it comes to this, or you’re going to be forced to have some uncomfortable conversations. Whether it’s an STD or pregnancy, just prevent it all.
4. Stop The Instant Someone Has Feelings:
If you can sense that the other person it is becoming a little clingy and has gained some emotional feelings towards you, it’s best to create some distance, so they aren’t expecting any committed full blown relationship. If you’re picturing yourself with your hook up buddy in the future and see the strings attaching, then remove yourself from the situation so you can like the person a little less.
5. Establish A Routine:
To keep the talking and communicating to a minimum try to have a routine of who’s house, you’re going to on what day and all of the logistics of parking and times set up. Once you know each other’s schedule, you’re more likely just to meet up and do the damn thing instead of taking the time to plan out every meetup.

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