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Calendar: Missouri Association For Creation Events.
Title: MAC Meeting
When: 10.08.2012 6pm - 8pm
Location: Affton Grace Bible Church, 4523 Rosa, St. Louis, MO 63116
Description: Early Bird Video (6:15 PM):
Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Volume II

How can some birds navigate over the ocean and not get lost? How can fireflies and glow worms create pure light that generates no heat? How can great whales dive to the bottom of the ocean without the pressure causing them to implode? This video gives powerful evidence that proves that animal designs can be attributed only to a creator and cannot be explained by evolution.

Presentation (7:30 PM)
This meeting will be a little unusual in that we will actually have 6 presentations. The speakers will be previewing the presentations that they will make on Wednesday, October 10th at the MAC ZOO project to homeschoolers and their parents.

Each presentation will point to the awesome design of a specific animal and the bankruptcy of any effort to explain their existence through an evolutionary process.

Here are the speakers and the animal that they will be describing:

Marv Schaefer – Giraffe
Scott Jarus – Kangaroo
Gary Winkler – Apes
Bill Barnes – Camel
Paul Weiland – Zebra
Joe Helbig - Birds
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