MAC Concludes two Fall Lecture Series

The Missouri Association for Creation presented a pair of weekly lecture series this fall:  a 12-week series at  at the Family Vision Library in St Peters, MO, and a 10-week series for the H.I.M. Homeschool group in Pacific, MO.  

This series, titled Genesis 101:  Understanding Creation, the Flood and the Tower of Babel, is aimed at educating Christian students and parents about the importance of the Book of Genesis as literal history to our understanding of the Gospel message and Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection.  The session in St. Peters was intended for adults and youth ages 12 & up, while the Pacific session was geared in separate lectures for middle/high school students, and for K-5th grade level.

Lecturers examine both science and scripture in their presentations, and emphasize the truth of scripture and its complete compatibility with the laws of nature and empirical discoveries of secular science.  Topics include:

1. Creation vs. Evolution - Does it Really Matter?
       Explains critical importance of correct view of origins

2. Things That You Didn't Learn in Public School
       Fascinating biology facts - human and animal

3. In Six Days? (includes carbon & radiometric dating)
       What the Bible & science indicate about age of the earth

4. Fossils & the Flood
       Biblical Flood explains fossils & sedimentary rock formations

5. Hey, there are Dinosaurs in my Bible!
       A Biblical and scientific analysis of dinosaurs

6. Why is there death and suffering in the world?
       Biblical answers to this >4,000 year old question

7. Science & the Bible
     Is "Science vs. Religion" valid?

8. Genetics & Natural Selection 
      How the Bible & science explain life

9. Origin of "Races" - One Blood
      What does science and the Bible say about the "races"

10. The Descent of Man (or "I'll be a monkey's nephew")
        Biblical/true picture of man's history, vs. ape-man stories

11. The Universe
        Why Creation explains astronomy better than "big bang"

12. Top 10 reasons to reject the theory of evolution
        Problems for evolution:  Laws of nature, fossils, Scripture...

 If you believe your church, school, or other group might benefit from such a lecture series, please contact the MAC Speakers Bureau at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Dear MAC Guys,

We are so very thankful for the time you have all taken from your busy lives to come and minister God's Word over us and our children!  Thank you for your dedication to the Truth!  Press on!  You are running to win!!  Your fellow runners in Christ,

H.I.M. Homeschool Co-op Families.



“The Creation-Evolution debate is not about religion versus science or the Bible versus science – it’s about good science versus bad science.  Likewise, it’s not about faith versus reason – it’s about reasonable faith versus unreasonable faith.”

Norman L Geisler & Frank Turek. I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist, 2004 Crossway Publishing.