How to engage a speaker


marv speaking1MAC speakers are available to speak to groups of any age on any topic that encompasses Genesis 1 – 11 (Creation, the Flood & The Tower of Babel) or any topic related to the Creation vs. Evolution debate.

There is typically no fee charged for our speakers, although we gratefully appreciate love offerings given to the organization in order to further our mission.

Typical Speaker Topics include:

o Creation vs. Evolution - Why It's Important

o Logic and Critical Thinking

o Age of the Earth, What the Bible Says

o Geology, Fossils & the Flood

o Carbon and Radiometric Dating

o Biology - DNA, Natural Selection & Mutations

o Science in the Bible

o Why is There Death and Suffering in the World?

o Is There an Ape In Your Past?

o The Genius of Ancient Man

o One Blood, the Truth About Race

o Top 10 Reasons to Reject the Theory of Evolution


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