How to put on a Creation event

MAC will help you to plan and implement an event or series of classes for your church, school or homeschool group:

Speaking Engagements:

MAC speakers are available to speak to groups of any age on any topic encompassing Genesis 1 – 11 or any topic related to the Creation vs. Evolution debate.

Creation Weekend Events:

Although these events can be customized to your needs, they typically begin with a Friday night DVD followed by a presentation emphasizing that Genesis is a historical account that is foundational to all of scripture.

Saturday morning normally features a presentation for all attendees followed by two sessions in which they may choose from three topics. Churches may also take advantage of a presentation on Sunday morning for Sunday School or for the Service.

Creation Classes:

12 weeks of classes that can be held on Sunday before service or on a given night during the week. A typical series would be:

o Creation vs. Evolution - Why It's Important

o Logic and Critical Thinking

o Age of the Earth, What the Bible Says

o Geology, Fossils & the Flood

o Carbon and Radiometric Dating

o Biology - DNA, Natural Selection & Mutations

o Astronomy

o Why is There Death and Suffering in the World?

o Is There an Ape In Your Past?

o The Genius of Ancient Man

o One Blood, the Truth About Race

o Top 10 Reasons to Reject the Theory of Evolution


Please contact the MAC Speakers Bureau to find out more: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it